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Maverick Consultants: We are a restaurant consultant company that understands how foodservice works. Our approach is different;  we work with the customer on the development and design of the restaurant concept, starting with the type of restaurant and menu. Working with the customer to make those ideas a reaity.

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Every Foodservice venue is different. In general terms we can classify foodservice in categories of restaurants, commissary, cafeterias, food trucks (see restaurant table below) .  Restaurant Consultants need to understand the particular criteria for design and development of each one, be it a multi-unit chain restaurant, or a standalone restaurant. As well as the international applications for these concepts.

Type of Restaurant Serveline Table Service Speed of Service Menu Options Check Average U$
Quick Serve yes no Fast Short $ 5 to $12
Fast Casual yes no Fast Short $ 8 to $16
Casual Dining no yes Medium Long $ 12 to $ 24
Fine Dining no yes Slow Medium $ 30 +
Cafeteria/Food Court no no Fast Long $ 5 to $ 12
Catering no yes Medium Short $ 15 to $ 100
Food truck yes no Fast Short $ 5 to $ 10


Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR):  Fast and efficient service of food, typically inexpensive, with no table service.  Mostly multi-unit groups or chains, although the original fast food restaurants in the 50’s, were started as a stand-alone and expanded to be restaurant chains.  Examples are McDonald, KFC, Taco Bell, In-N-Out Burger, Subway. See Quick Serve.

Brand Segment

Avge. Store Sales

Number of Stores

Brand Notes
McDonalds Burger



Lifestyle, social
KFC Chicken



Diverse Menu
Taco Bell Mexican



Diverse menu
Subway Sandwich



Fresh, healthy

Restaurant Consultant Design Notes: Service Type, Throughput, Order Fulfillment Time, Drive Thru.

Fast Casual Restaurants: Similar to quick serve, in that these restaurant do not offer full table service, and their service model can vary from direct serveline, where customer orders food and pays, with a fast service time. In some restaurant concepts, the customer chooses from menu, orders and pays, and is given a ticket or number, and the food is bought out to the table. Examples of Fast Casual are Chipotle Mexican Grill, Panera, 5 Guys, Chick-Fil-A, Pret A Manger, Nando’s. See Fast Casual.

Brand Segment

Avge. Store Sales

Number of Stores

Brand Notes
Chick-Fil-A Chicken



Lifestyle, Social
Panera Bread Sandwich



Lifestyle, Social
Chipotle Mexican Grill Mexican



Lifestyle, Healthy
Five Guys Burgers



Fresh, Focused

Restaurant Consultant Design Notes: Service Type, Serveline, Menu Board, POS placement, Take-out.

Casual Dining Restaurants: A full serve restaurant where the customers are assigned a table and given a menu, from which the food and beverage is chosen, order is given to wait staff, and food is delivered to the table. Although it is also possible for customers to get their own food from a buffet (e.g.  salad bar, carvery, desserts).  Examples are TGIF, Outback, Red Lobster, Houston’s, Cheesecake Factory, or your local bar and grill, Italian restaurant, Chinese restaurant, BBQ, etc.. See Casual Dining.

Brand Segment

Size (sq.ft)

Avge. Check


Sales Range

Chili’s/TGIF/Applebees American






10,000 plus


500 plus


Chinese Independent Chinese





Small Italian Italian





Restaurant Consultant Design Notes: Size, Menu Diversity, Bar, Ticket Times, Table Rotations

Fine Dining Restaurants: A full serve restaurant, where all the food/menu items are made to order in house, and the use of premade food (either finished or partially cooked) is not common. The quality of the food, service, ambiance, décor are what elevates a fine dining restaurant above the others.  Michelin starred restaurant can be defined as a fine dining restaurant, although there are many others that have no stars. Examples are the Jean George, Daniel Boulud, Alain Ducasse signature restaurants. See Fine Dining Restaurant Consultants Design Notes: Open Kitchen, Type of Cuisine, Number of Covers, Tasting Menu.

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Cafeterias and Food Courts: Most large buildings with many people working there or that have a large amount of people visiting, have some kind of cafeteria or food court to give the people the option of eating there instead of going out. Cafeteria model, is typically a counter service, where customer fulfill their food order walking down a serveline, and pay at the end. Many of these have now turned into food-courts with different sections serving different types of food (e.g. sections for salads, pizzas, hot food, drinks and beverages). Many now incorporate quick serve or fast casual franchises or licenses. Examples can be found in office buildings, hospitals, and schools. More at Cafeteria/Food Courts Restaurant Consultant Design Notes: Size of Venue, Lunch Volume, On Site Cooking, Labor Requirements. More information at Cafeterias and Food Courts

Catering (on site/off site):  For large parties, breakfast, lunch and  dinner food is prepared before service, and plated and served quickly for service. Catering can be done on site, where there is a back kitchen that prepares the food for each party, or the food can be prepared and taken to another location (off site), plated and served as required. Examples are the many venues where weddings, conventions, banquets and parties are held. More information at Catering Consultant.

Design Notes: On/Off Site, Menu Variety, Party Sizes, Cooking and Finishing.

Food Trucks and Trailers: Mobile foodservice or restaurants are trucks, trailers or carts that are stocked with food and beverages, and go to different locations where they serve their customers. The original food trucks and carts were made to supply street food and food to construction sites and similar. The new surge in Gourmet food trucks has changed this, and these gourmet trucks are serving food similar to the fast casual restaurants.. Examples are Chipotle Mexican Grill, Koqi BBQ, The Ludo Truck, Bistro Bites. More at Food Trucks and Trailers

Consultant Design Notes: Trailer or Truck, Commissary Support, Radius of Operation, Local Codes.

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