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2 Ovens Bertucci

2 Ovens : New restaurant concept develop by Bertucci with Continium, Upland Architects and Maverick Consultants. Berucci with 100 restaurants in the US, looking for growth to a segment of the market that they did not cover well, Created the new restaurant concept 2 Ovens

2 Ovens by Bertucci’s is a new casual dining restaurant concept, with an appeal to a younger market. Menu offering is Neapolitan style pizzas, hamburgers, roast chicken, steaks, salmon and vegetables, as well as sandwiches and salads.

2 ovens bertucci restaurant ovens 225x300 2 Ovens Bertucci 2 ovens restaurant by bertucci shewsbury ma 300x199 2 Ovens Bertucci 2 ovens restaurant shewsbury oven pic 300x199 2 Ovens Bertucci

Bertucci has seen their traditional market change, which has faced most of the fast casual restaurant chains, and saw the market ready for a new concept with fresher food, good bar service and offerings, in a restaurant with a young exciting design, where a “Millenium” would go with his friends for lunch, drinks and dinner, but also be a place where families would feel comfortable.

Challenge: How to create a new restaurant concept offering a varied menu with a fresh look, a bar with good selection and ambiance, and service times that were short and predictable, while maintain quality and consistency

The reduction of service and ticket times, requires that the menu items can be prepared in 6 minutes or less. This is essential for lunch service, as most customers only have 30 minutes for lunch. But at the same time, create a restaurant for dinner, with a good bar program, offering a good selection of wines, beers and cocktails, and a menu that is interesting and varied.

The current Bertucci’s restaurants have a wood burning brick oven and a conventional cookline, offering an Italian menu of pizzas, pastas and sides.

Solution: The new 2 Ovens concept uses the Bertuccis experience with the wood burning brick ovens, and taking it a step further. Maverick Consultants working with the Bertucci culinary team, developed a menu where everything cooked came from a brick oven. Two ovens were used for the concept (hence the name), one for the pizzas, and the other for the roasts (chicken, steaks, hamburger, salmon, vegetables and baked pastas. One oven is at a higher temperature to cook the pizzas; the other wood burning oven is used for finishing the roasts.

The pizzas take two minutes to cook, and for the roast oven, the products were prepared and held at their internal temperature, and finished in the oven. The ticket time in the roast ovens is less than 5 minutes.

The two ovens were located in an open kitchen with the bar between them creating an open dynamic space, with the two ovens visible from all seats in the restaurant.

The brick oven for pizzas also had to be big enough to handle take-out orders, and a special area was designed for the pick-up of these orders..

The wood burning brick oven for the roast, is used for the finish cooking of the menu items, and special holding system was created to hold these items prestaged at internal temperature, ready for finishing.

The first restaurant  was built in 2013 in  Shrewsbury MA, and has been a success.

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