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Barbacoa Food Truck

Barbacoa Food Truck and Trailer: The Barbacoa food truck was created to give the customers the BBQ experience in a mobile food venue (truck or trailer). Based primarily on US style barbecue, but with a modern take. Link to more on Food Trucks, additional Maverick Case Studies

The Barbacoa food truck trailer concept is based on the traditional American barbecue, adapting the most classic beef, pork and chicken preparations from each region of the USA, changing  each recipe to have a broader appeal, but preserving the essence of each classic item.

Barbecoa food truck inside 2 Barbacoa Food Truck Barbecoa food truck inside 300x199 Barbacoa Food Truck Barbecoa food truck Barbacoa Food Truck

The truck trailer serve format is based on the fast casual serveline, with customer throughput capacities of 150 to 250 customers per hour. Meats and sides are cooked and prepared at a commissary, and reheated or finish cooked on location, preserving the freshness cues of the food. Finish cooking (grilling) is done behind the serveline, in sight of the customer. Truck/Trailer food stocking capacity is sized for serve 300 to 500 customers. Crew required for service is estimated at 4 to 5 operators. Skill level of average foodservice employee.

Mains: available as plates, wraps, sandwiches, or saladsSmoked brisketSmoked pulled pork Flame-broiled chicken Flame-broiled ribs Flame-broiled Black-bean spinach burger Sides:  Mac & cheese Tatter Tots/Country Fries Broccoli slaw Carrot-daikon salad Tomato cucumber salad Black-bean spinach as a side Sauces:  Chipotle spicy BBQ Chimichurri Bourbon Treacle Sticky BBQ Lime Cilantro Creamy Sauce Beverages: Truck/Trailer is fitted with a soda machine. Additional beverages, such as lemonade and iced tea can be served, either through dispenser or prefilled cups. Bottled beverages, including beer and wine can be added as needed. Additional grab and go items can also be added as needed.
Truck/Trailer configuration based on a 24 ft. box.

Cooking Equipment:

Fryer 2 x 50 lbs (2 baskets)
Grill 24″
Holding Oven (Cvap) 36″
Retherm Water Baths 2 Well
Refrigerated Prep Table Single Door Six Bin
Refrigerator (SS exterior) 22 cu ft
Freezer 22 cu ft
Soda Machine 6 Flavor
Ice Maker 70 lbs
Hot Food Holding 2 Hotel Pan Steam Table
Exhaust hood 11 ft
Propane Tanks 40 lbs top fill