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Barbecoa London

Barbecoa, London, UK: Modern take on a meat centric restaurant. Featuring cuts of meat and cooking methods from all over the world, from charcoal grills to an open hearth oven, as well as smokers, parillas, rodizios.

Challenge: Build a spectacular, flame-fueled barbecue kitchen on full display in a cramped London neighborhood

When Jamie Oliver (of Jamie’s Italian UK and Food Revolution) teamed up with Adam Perry Lang (the most famous BBQ Chef in North America) the combined talent and food knowledge of these two famed chefs was destined to produce an amazing restaurant. Finding a space to house this innovative flame kitchen, BARBECOA, was difficult. Oliver and Lang settled on a new building with a spectacular corner space looking directly onto St. Paul’s Cathedral. The kitchen space is small, long and narrow, with a larger dining space to allow the guests an impressive view of the Cathedral through the full glass windows.

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The chefs required a substantial amount of firepower to cook meats in every conceivable method. The required equipment would include wood burning ovens, smokers, BBQ pits, robata grills, tandoor ovens, fryers, stone hearth ovens, combi ovens and planchas. Additional space was required for the preparation area and refrigeration. The chefs also required a full meat aging room and take-away butcher shop.

Solution: Assess engineering requirements, needs of the chefs and the dining experience to create an efficient solution to maximize space

Maverick Cuisine was contracted to assess the heavy fire burning equipment, its placement and operations, and create a pattern flow of hot meats and grills to be supported by wood burning ovens and a large preparation area. Maverick’s expertise in using spaces to their maximum efficiency was the directive. The functional design approach was the creation of an open kitchen, thus the long space appeared much wider with full guest viewing of the exciting cooking techniques in the various fire options. The open kitchen boasts a central chef’s table for plating and an open pick-up counter.

Result: Diners are treated to views of chefs using exciting cooking techniques as a valuable part of the experience

Spectacular open kitchen visible to the customers, fitted into a narrow and highly functional footprint for cooking and execution of all meal types. The multiple fire options for meat cooking are lined up, side by side, with the heavy wood ovens in the back and a long narrow preparation counter in the middle. Guests can walk the length of the kitchen to see the chefs at various stations. The Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang Butcher Shop is located street level with full glass windows showcasing the meats hanging inside. The visual impact is impressive to the passerby, as the meats appear to be in a full glassed-in closet with thick doors.

The cut meats are displayed in square glass cases in the front of the clients, which resemble jewelry cases with selections of meats, sausages and pork. This display design and technique invites the customers to shop in each case, selecting from various colors, shapes and product offerings.

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