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Brick Farm Market

Brick Farm Market, Hopewell, NJ ( ):  A true farm to market venue. Brick Farm Market is the outlet for Double Brook Farm, Jon and Robin McConaughy vision of sustainable farming, and the outlet to get their product to the consumer.

Brick Farm Market in Hopewell NJ, is situated in the old Malek Chevrolet building, which was restored, and turned into an outlet for the sustainably farmed produce, cheeses and meats produced on Double Brook Farm.

brick farm mrket 1 Brick Farm Market

An important part of the project is to educate and show the feasibility of sustainable farming, and the challenge of reducing the carbon footprint of the farm and the market.

In many cases the challenges to green and sustainable farming and marketing are the rules and regulations that were created many years ago, and are not all applicable today.

Challenge: How to create a market that keeps the look and feel of an original town market, as well as incorporating the modern aspects of food preparation, cheese making, butchering and a bakery.

Solution: Maverick Consultants worked with Jon McConaughy, his team and architects, to lay out a market space with a cheese room, butcher shop, coffee shop and a full kitchen with rotisserie, plancha and a brick hearth oven.

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