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Cafeteria and Food Court Consulting: Most institutions, sport venues and large office buildings have restaurants and foodservice facilities, either as a single cafeteria with different food options or as a food court with many different food concessions or franchises. Maverick Consultants has worked designing cafeterias and food courts all over the world.

The challenges for the design consultant of cafeterias and food courts are that most of the customers will have lunch at the same time. 80% of business happens between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm.  If the cafeteria has to feed 1,000 people a day, then there is 800 in those two hours. The Design Consultant has to develop a venue that services that large number of customers, avoiding bottlenecks and delays in service.

Food Court 300x200 Cafeteria  Business Cafeteria 300x200 Cafeteria

Traditionally most cafeterias were one serveline, which the customer walked down a serveline and either as self-serve or served mode made up his tray. Most foods are in a hot or cold service well, and typically there is a station where the “a la carte” items are prepared (burgers, pizza, etc..).  The solution to this bottleneck was to create different stations for different items,. Customer then can go directly to that station to get his item and avoid the queue, and so the food court was developed.

A food court can consist of the following stations:

-          A la Carte: for hamburgers, omelets, fried food, grilled food, stir fried.

-          Soup and Salad Station

-          Sandwich Station

-          Pizza Station

-          Self-serve are with premade sandwiches, salads, wraps, packaged chips, deserts

-          Ice cream/Gelato Station

-          Coffee Shop

These stations can be operated by the building, contracted to a contract feeder, or concessions and franchises.

In a way it then becomes a food court with quick serve restaurants side by side.

Maverick Consultants works with some high-tech companies that believe that their customers should be able to eat pretty much whatever they want, at any time, and not have to walk more than 100 feet. The food court then also becomes part of the daily work routine, as with communal tables, the team members will discuss and debate solutions to problems they are working on.

The challenge for the design consultant is to design a facility that allows for the food to be served quickly and efficiently, in keeping with the spirit and objectives of that company.

The food for the cafeteria and food courts can be made in house, or supplied from a commissary, or a mixture of both.

One of the issues of the traditional cafeteria was food waste, as a lot of food was put out for service and at the end of service the waste of food was high. Another issue is the quality of food, and its nutritional value.

Maverick Consultants worked with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution program on these issues, with the objective of creating good food for school children, that the children wanted to eat, but also had the right nutritional content.

Case Studies for cafeteria food court (link) :

-          Brick Farm Market

-          Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

-          Palantir