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Chipotle Food truck

Chipotle Mexican Grill Food Truck: The idea behind the Chipotle food truck was to have a mobile venue that would replicate the experience of eating at a Chipotle restaurant.

The Chipotle Food Truck: The Chipotle Mexican Grill concept is to serve burritos, tacos, rice bowls and salads made to order from freshly made ingredients.

The Food with Integrity of Chipotle is a program of using products from sustainable farming, and preparing it without additives or preservatives, and giving the customers the ability to order and have their order assembled in front of them, as they walk down a serveline.

Chipotle Food Truck 2 300x193 Chipotle Food truck Chipotle Food Truck in Operation 300x224 Chipotle Food truck Chipotle Food Truck1 300x224 Chipotle Food truck

Challenge: How to create the Chipotle experience in a mobile restaurant that would replicate the same process of ordering and assembling the orders in front of the customer.

Solution: Maverick Consultants worked with the Chipotle culinary and operations team to create the truck that would replicate the restaurant experience

 Most food trucks are built on a regular truck chassis, and the result is that the serve windows are more than 58” above the ground (compared to 34” to 36” height of the serveline at a restaurant). At this elevation, it wouldn’t be possible for the customer to order and pick his items from the serveline display. To solve this problem, a 4 wheel drive truck was purchased, the rear drive and transmission removed, which allowed the back bock height to be lowered. This combined with an air suspension, that lowered the box to street level when it was parked, made it possible to have a 36” high serveline.

The serveline from the restaurants was adapted to fit in the length of the trucks box, and the cookline, prep area and refrigeration sized for the calculated service capacity of the truck.

A mock-up of the trucks box was built out of plywood, and a simulation of the operation was done.

The resulting food truck has an autonomy to serve 400 customers without restocking. It can arrive at its location, and within less than 30 minutes be open and serving customers.

An additional challenge are the local and state health codes for mobile food trucks and trailers, as these change from state to state, and county to county. The truck was designed to have the flexibility to adapt to the different codes and standards.

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