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Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotle Mexican Grill—Maverick Consultants team reduces restaurants kitchen footprint by 25%, reducing costs and increasing opportunities for growth. Chipotle Mexican Grill fast casual Mexican concept has 1,400 restaurants and is one of the creators of the Fast Casual Restaurant segment
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Challenge: Traditional large and cumbersome serveline and kitchen restaurant layout was limiting and expensive

Operating over 1,000 stores in North America, Chipotle Mexican Grill fast casual Mexican concept, owes much of its success as the fastest growing multi-chain restaurant operation to its commitment to fresh food, healthy and nutritious menu with a high quality control of consistency in each and every store. But their kitchen footprints and equipment layout has remained large and cumbersome over the years, without a fresh look at new technologies.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant London 300x133 Chipotle Mexican Grill

Chipotel Mexican Grill London Chipotle Mexican Grill

Over time, multi-chain operations envision revisiting their kitchens for new opportunities; however this process is lengthy and does not always fit with the growth pattern of stores in multi chain-operations. Chipotle knew the cost to build large restaurants and kitchens with inefficient infrastructures; combined with the standard large footprint, Chipotle was limited to larger properties, hindering their ability to expand into smaller markets and real estate. With close to 200 stores opening each year, Chipotle needed a change in size, efficiency and flow.

Solution: redesign and re-engineer with new technology and workflow

Maverick Cuisine teamed up with Chipotle; immersing themselves in every aspect of the Chipotle operation – food processing, equipment, labor, production and costing. Maverick Cuisine Partner, John Knight, spent months learning the workings and mission of a Chipotle kitchen. This knowledge led to the design development of a prototype kitchen that costs less to build and operates with less energy. The labor flow is more effective, the production of food is easier on the staff and the cooking equipment is now state-of-the-art. The North American stores utilize a commissary for food support, which aided in the reduction of the overall kitchen.
chipotle fast casual Chipotle Mexican Grill

Result: $25,000 savings in development costs per restaurant kitchen, plus a new ability to expand into smaller markets

The Maverick Consultants team engineered and designed a kitchen that is 25% smaller in size and costs $25,000 less per kitchen. The smaller footprint of this new prototype will help Chipotle Mexican Grill expand into smaller markets as the restaurants will have lower development costs. Highly efficient technologies streamlined the cooking and service process, resulting in faster thru-put of customers in these high volume stores. The high performance cooking equipment speeds up the meats and chicken finishing on a plancha at 700 degrees temperature.

Maverick developed two restaurant serveline and kitchen designs for Chipotle:

In the North American stores, the smaller kitchen has a short cook line and matching serve line, reducing energy usage, and creating labor efficiencies resulting in consistent food output.

For the launch of the European Chipotle stores, Maverick developed a compact kitchen capable of cooking food products in the store without a commissary support. Chipotle restaurants were built in London and Paris. Equipment packet was all sourced locally.

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