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Fine Dining

Fine Dining Restaurant Consulting: Fine Dining Restaurant design involves a very close working partnership with the Chef and Owners and the restaurant consultant, as each fine dining restaurant needs to express its uniqueness through the diversity of the menu, the quality of the food, the décor and impeccable service

Maverick Consultants started working in the restaurant design and development field, working with the best chefs in the world to create the restaurant that would allow the chefs to produce the best food in the world, consistently, with an ever changing menu.

Our customers have included Alain Ducasse, Thomas Keller, Daniel Boulud, Jean George, Grey Kunz, Paul Liebrandt, Gordon Ramsey among others. Maverick started designing and implementing the finishing kitchens, working in our test kitchen with the chefs and their team, defining the recipes and cooking processes.

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Jamie Oliver Adam Perry Lang Barbecoa restaurant London

After many years of working side by side as restaurant consultant with the best chefs, learning their ways of cooking, working with them to develop equipment and processes to be able to cook better and more consistent menu items, we were ready to design the best fine dining restaurants and kitchens.

The challenges of fine dining for the restaurant consultant, is that the restaurants and kitchen are small, and the variety of cooking processes is immense, resulting in having to design equipment and kitchens that are multiuse. For example using a plancha that can cook with precision at temperatures from 140 degrees to 900 degrees, so that the same cooking surface can be used to make stocks overnight at a low temperature, used at a high temperature to sauté in a pan, and during service be used as a direct cooking surface at at 400 to 600 degrees.

Preparing a short rib, cooked at a low temperature for 72 hours, and on order finished in under four minutes requires knowledge of the physics and chemistry of cooking.

Using sous-vide cooking, combi ovens and other specialty equipment has given the chefs the ability to control the cooking processes (time/temperature/humidity) very precisely. Using these techniques and organizing the mis-en-place well, then lets the chef execute the finish cooking of each menu items perfectly each time.

These methods also allow for an even distribution of labor through the day, make service time smooth and effective, and get the most out of each ingredient, giving the customer a perfect meal experience.

Maverick Consultants understands these processes, and can discuss and work with the chefs to make it possible to have an efficient and smooth running kitchen, without bottlenecks. Design is Key.

We are not only design and layout consultant, we know how to cook, we understand the processes, and can give the Chefs the tools they need to make their ideas a reality.


Maverick Consultants Case Studies for Fine Dining Restaurants (link)

-          Aldea Restaurant, NYC (George Mendes)

-          Barbecoa, London (Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang)