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Food Trucks

Food Trucks and Trailers Design Consultant: The challenge for the designer and developer of the mobile food truck or trailer, is that due to the space constraints, the layout and design has to be optimized for the concept to succeed.

Chipotle Food Truck 300x175 Food Trucks Food Truck Kitchen 300x217 Food TrucksChipotle Food Truck 2 300x193 Food Trucks

Chipotle Mexican Grill Food Truck Model

The Food Truck Market Today:

-          Food truck  business is growing by more than 25% per year (Technomic)

-          Major and emerging concepts are actively developing food offerings that put    
promote healthy , higher quality and fresh attributes forward

-           79% of consumers view the appearance of the food as an important factor in    
 their purchase decision

-          Gourmet Food Truck concepts are responsible for 80% of the growth in the food market truck segment

-          Gourmet Food trucks are a destination, and followed on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter)

-          Food Truck Cook Offs are held in most major cities

-          Operating Profits are higher than in Brick and Mortar restaurants.

-          Ideal truck would have the autonomy to serve around 400 customers

Maverick Food Truck Design and Development:

-          Define Concept, Menu, Capacity,  Home Base Requirements

-          Initial estimate of all costs and potential operating profits

-          Commissary decisions. Supply out of existing commissary or restaurant, or build/contract new commissary

-          Calculate Truck Size and Choose Truck Style

-          Layout Kitchen Equipment and Customer Service Line

-          Estimate and Define Refrigeration Needs

-          Calculate Utilities (Gas, Electricity, Water, Waste)

-          Define Labor Needs and Work Positions

-          Analyze Throughput and Number of Customers to be Served

-          Design Truck and Budget

-          Build Truck

-          Start-Up and Implementation

Examples of Food truck Concepts:

-          Brasas: Authentic Mexican Tacos and Sauces

-          Brot and Wurst: German Sausages, Saukraut and Potatoes

-          Mav-Wich: Gourmet French Baguette Sandwiches

-          Spaccanapoli Pizza: Neapolitan Style Pizzas, Soups and Salads

-          Barbacoa: Modern Take on American Barbecue (Ribs and More)

-          Freddo: Italian Gelatos and Coffees

-          Cute Cakes: Cup Cakes, Brownies and Sweet Baked Treats

-          Noodles and More: Noodles from Around the World

-          Salad Works: Make your  Own Salads

-          Asian Box: Rice and Noodle Boxes made to order

Food trucks and trailer food and safety codes and regulations are different from country to country and state to state. In the US some states, such as California have a very well organized Mobile Restaurant Association that facilitates the approvals and inspections of food trucks and trailers. On the other hand California has some of the tightest code for the size and positioning of the serve windows.

Every food truck and trailer has to be designed for the specific market and concept.

Maverick Consultants Case Studies for Food Trucks and Trailers (link) :

-          Chipotle Food Truck

-          Mav-Wich Food Truck

-          Barbacoa Food truck