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Grandview Events

Grandview Events Poughkeepsie, NY:  Situated on the Hudson River, with views of the valley and the Mid-Hudson Valley Bridge, Grandview has the setting for all type of events, from weddings to banquets. Capable of holding simultaneous events, and preparing meals for more than 2,000 people in a day.

Grandview Events on the Hudson River, is part of Bonura Hospitality, that also owns Shadows on the Hudson, Billy Joe’s Rib Works, Bonuras Italian, as well as hotels and golf clubs in the Hudson Valley

Challenge: Offer full plated meals, as well as cocktail appetizers for parties of hundreds of guests, serving foo of the highest quality, consistently and in a fast coordinated environment..

The typical menu will consist of main courses with a choice of steak, chicken, fish, and vegetarian with an assortment of sides, plus appetizers, salads and desserts.

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The biggest challenge is how to cook, maintain and serve different main courses, that have different cooking times and temperatures, holding them without degrading quality, and the plating, holding again, and serving.

Solution: Maverick Consultants worked with the Bonura culinary team to develop cooking processes and holding methods that made it possible to serve hundreds of guests with the best quality meals.

The accuracy and precision required to do this, meant that the cooking equipment and cooking cycles had to be created for each item, and in a sequence that allowed every item to be ready for plating at the same time.

Analyzing each menu item from steaks to potatoes, breaking down the cooking process to its individual steps, and then finding and creating the process that would perfect each step. For examples, steaks grilled and marked first on a very hot grill in two minutes, then cooking in an accurate oven to medium rare, giving time for the meat to cook, and also for the connective tissue to denature and the steak become tender. Hold for service at a lower temperature (but safe) ready for plating and serving.

One of the biggest problem in catered events in how to keep fish from overcooking, and not have to cover it in sauce to make it palatable. The fish or protein is the most expensive item on the plate, ideally it is served moist and just flaking. Again, separating the cooking process from the finishing, and then holding at a temperature and moisture that doesn’t ruin the previous results.

Holding temperatures, and the effect they had on the quality were analyzed, and the methods for holding, as well as the temperatures were established.

Cooking kitchen was adapted and laid out to make all this possible.

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