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Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver Food revolution: Famous in the United Kingdom for his work and influence with kids programs and obesity, Jamie Oliver’s television show FOOD REVOLUTION is about changing the way children eat, providing better food at school and educating kids and parents to make healthy food choices.

Challenge: Build a complete kitchen for the hit television show, using many donated materials — in less than three weeks

Not a small task; Oliver has been at this for years in the UK. His first television show in America was set in a town deemed by the CDC to be one of the most obese in the United States. Oliver’s mission was to educate and work with schools to provide menu choices and fresh foods.

Jamie Oliver Food revolution Huntington Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Poster Jamie Oliver Food Revolution  Jamie Oliver Food Revolution

Maverick Consultants was contracted by the Jamie Oliver team to design and build a full kitchen in a new facility in Huntington, WV. This kitchen would create a platform for Oliver’s education and also leave a legacy for the town to continue the healthy cooking Oliver had taught. The space was located in a church and the kitchen would then be used, after filming was completed, for educational and community meals.

Solution: 1) Plan wisely, 2) call upon a well-tended industry contact list and 3) hustle

Maverick Consultants was challenged with a short schedule to get a kitchen up and built. Additionally, many of the kitchens parts and bits would be donated. Maverick utilized its respected contacts in the industry, calling upon a major manufacturer (Electrolux) and the largest equipment company (Tri Mark). Working from the Maverick design plans, the three companies fitted out a kitchen in less than three weeks.

Result: Leave a working legacy for the community

Designed and built by the Food Revolution production for the filming of the television show, the kitchen is now operated by the town and church. The efficient combination of cooking equipment is utilized to prepare meals to feed hundreds.

Maverick Consultants has been instrumental in assisting the Jamie Oliver Team with coordinated efforts to tackle childhood obesity and participate in many programs throughout North America. We look forward to a long and productive relationship addressing our mutual food and children’s issues.

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