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Jamie Oliver Patras

The Jamie Oliver Food Revolution in Los Angeles, featured an episode transforming a charbroiled burger restaurant (like the original McDonald) into a healthier fast food restaurant. The location chosen was Patras Burger in Los Angeles.  Maverick Consultants partnered with Jamie Oliver to make this happen.
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Jamie Oliver Patras Restaurant Sign Jamie Oliver Patras Jamie Oliver Revolution Burger Patras Jamie Oliver Patras Patras Jamie Oliver Serve counter Jamie Oliver Patras

Patras Burger fast food restaurant on San Fernando Rd. in Los Angeles, was founded by Jimmy Perris in 1978, and named Patra after the town in Greece where he was born. Southern California was where the fast food and drive thru restaurants developed. Originally as stand alone restaurants, which later became multi-unit chains. McDonald and Taco Bell are probably the two best known ones.

The Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Los Angeles TV program had the objective of improving the Los Angeles School Districts lunch program, creating healthier meal choices for the students.  A test kitchen was designed and built, and different menus and food items were developed and tried.

In a parallel story line, the Jamie Oliver team decided to choose a typical fast food (burgers and fries) restaurant, and create a new healthy alternative menu. Patras Burgers was chosen, and Dino Perris the son of Jimmy the founder, agreed to work with the restaurant transformation.

John M. Knight of Maverick Consultants was called in by the Jamie Oliver team to work with them on the new menu, which was fresher, healthier and lighter, and redesign the kitchen to be able to execute the new menu.

First Challenge was to source the ingredients, reading the labels of everything currently used in the restaurant, looking for healthier alternatives with less salt, sugar and artificial preservatives and food coloring.

For the burgers the meat, which was changed to grass fed Angus. The shakes were changed from artificial concentrate fruits to fresh fruits and juices.

Vegetarian and gluten free options were added to the menu.

The development of the story was very interesting with Dino and Jamie spurring with each other. Dino resisting change, and increasing costs, Jamie trying to get a complete change.

The result was a hybrid menu, with Patras traditional sellers alongside a second menu with Jamie’s healthy alternatives.

Serve counter and kitchen (including the serve counter) were modified to fit the new menu. Cooking equipment changed, a better hotter grill for the decor was updated for a more modern look. All this was done overnight, and the next day the reopening with the big launch party with the cameras rolling.

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