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Mav-Wich Food Truck

Mavwich Food Truck and Trailer: Using the Croustwich sandwich system created by Orequip of France., Maverick Consultants put it in a mobile restaurant. Ideally suited for a truck or trailer the Mav-Wich can serve perfect sandwiches all day.

mavwich webmaster 300x123 Mav Wich Food Truck

The Mavwich concept is based on the traditional French Baguette sandwich, as made and sold every day in the 35,000 boulangeries in France.

Key to the making of the perfect sandwich every time, is the assembly of the sandwich (bread and filling) in front of the customers, to order, made and wrapped fresh in 5 seconds.

The secret of the perfect sandwich is to have the perfect bread (fresh warm loaf, with a crisp crust, filled with a cold or hot filling for each customer on demand).

In addition to the classic sandwiches, the system is ideally suited for the development and presentation of gourmet fillings, which can be presented in the style of the great chefs. Elegant, appealing, tasteful, which when joined with the perfect bread, creates a whole new level of what a sandwich can be.

Other sandwich systems either pre-make the sandwich and keep it refrigerated, in which case, the sandwich immediately starts deteriorating, bread gets cold, soggy and chewy, filling losses it’s freshness, or the sandwich is assembled to order in front of the customer (eg Subway concept), in which case, the assembly time is typically about 2 minutes, seriously impacting throughput.

The serve format is based on the fast casual serveline, with customer throughput capacities of 150 to 250 customers per hour.

Fillings are made and put on the filling plates (sized for each bread size) at a commissary. Gourmet filling can be designed and dressed for spectacular presentation.

Bread can be made, or bought fresh each day, or baked off on the trailer from frozen par-baked loaves. Typical bread is the 20 cm French Baguette and the 15 cm Italian Ciabatta. Filler plates can be made to fit any size and type of bread, including local varieties.

Truck/Trailer food stocking capacity is sized for serve 300 to 500 customers.

Crew required for service is estimated at 2 to 3 operators. Skill level of average foodservice employee.

Profit margins are very high, as the food cost and labor components are low. Skill level of employees is not high, as there is no cooking done on the trailer.

MAV-WICH MENU         


-              Typically 20 cm French baguettes, or 15 cm Italian Ciabatta
-              Any other size or type of bread is possible. Filling plates have to be made to match the bread   sizes
-              Breads can be white flour, whole grain or any other flour type.

 Fillings (examples): 


Tuna: tuna mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato
Parisien Baguette: ham, lettuce, butter, Provence herbs
Ham and Cheese: ham, cheese, lettuce, pesto or butter
Chicken: Chicken breast sliced, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise
Caprese: Tomato, Lettuce, mozzarella cheese, basil, olive oil, balsamic vinegar
Genoa: Salame, lettuce, pickles, butter
Vegetarian: Lettuce, tomato, cucumber or avocado, grated carrot, Caesar dressing
Rilette (pate): Rilettes or pate, lettuce, tomato, mustard, pickles


Shrimp: Shrimp, lettuce, tomato, cream cheese, lemon, dill
Salmon: Smoked salmon, onion, lettuce, dill, cream cheese
Prosciutto: Proscuitto, crushed tomatoes, lettuce, parmesan shavings, sun dried tomatoes
Goat Cheese and Cucumber: Goat cheese, Tzaziki (greek yoghurt), cucumber, watercress
Curry Chicken: Chicken slices, tandoori or curry mayonnaise, lettuce, flaked almonds
3 Cheese Sandwich: Emmental Cheddar, Goat and Cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, chives


Truck/Trailer can be fitted with a soda machine.
Additional beverages, such as lemonade and iced tea can be served, either through dispenser or prefilled cups.
Bottled beverages, including beer and wine can be added as needed.

Additional grab and go items can also be added as needed.        


Instead of breads, fillings can be added to a bed of lettuce or greens in a long plastic container (that matches the bread sizes) for a fresh salad, and dressed by customer.

Adds another dimension to a sandwich concept.

The Mavwich concept trailer will be a standard 24 ft. x 8.5ft. floor footprint trailer.

Trailer equipment as follows:

Refrigerated Filling Display Case                4 ft. 5 levels
Convection Oven (if parbaked bread)     24”
Bread Holding and Warming Station        36”
Sandwich filler   2
Refrigerated Prep Table                Single Door Six Bin
Refrigerator (SS exterior)             22 cu ft
Freezer                22 cu ft
Soda Machine (optional)              6 Flavor
Ice Maker            70 lbs
TurboChef (optional for hot fillings)         36”
Refrigerated Work Table              4 ft

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