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Maverick Consultants and Orequip of France bring you the revolutionary Croustwich:
A patented system from Europe (“Croustwich”) for the preparation, presentation and distribution
of fresh, healthy and nutritional sandwiches. Cold or hot fillings in fresh baked warm bread. Rapid,
efficient with a variety of custom sandwich offerings.

Mav Wich Restaurant Bread Display 300x225 Mav Wich Mav Wich Sandwich Filling Display 300x225 Mav Wich Mav Wich Sandwich Serve Counter 300x225 Mav Wich

Croustwich System Features:
- Fillings pre-assembled on small metal trays to fit the bread size
- Fillings can be freshly made or frozen
- Fillings can be served cold or hot                                               
- Bread is kept separate, fresh and warm
- Many types of bread and pastries (croissants) possible
- Customer chooses filling and bread
- Sandwich is assembled to order in less than 10 seconds using patented filler.
- Fillings can be displayed in an attractive, appealing way.
- Salads can be made using the same fillings and tossed with dressing

Mav-Wich Restaurant Concept:
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Simplicity and focus are at the core of the Mav-Wich philosophy. Using the Croustwich sandwich system:

      We serve high-quality sandwiches at a throughput of 250/hour with 2 people

      A Mav-Wich can be 200 square feet or 2,000 depending on format, which include:






      Start-up costs begin at as little as $100k

      Product quality exceeds the competitors’ without sacrificing speed, freshness, or variety

Menu Example:


-          Parisien Classic (ham, cheese, lettuce, butter

-          Caprese (mozzarella, tomato, lettuce basil, balsamic dressing

-           Nicoise (tuna, lettuce, tomato, red onion)

-          Poulet (chicken, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise)

-          Genovese (salami, lettuce, cornichons, mayonnaise)

-          Crudite (lettuce, tomato, avocado, cucumber, carrot, ceasar dressing)

-          Banh Min (pate maison,  daikon carrot pickle, cilantro, cucumber, mayonnaise)

-          Norge (smoked salmon, lettuce, cream cheese, onion, dill)

-          Serrano (prosciutto, crushed tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, parmesan shavings)

-          Montaines (goat cheese, lettuce, cucumber, yoghurt dressing)


Baguettes: Classic 10”; Whole Wheat 10”

Foccacio: Classic; Multi-Grain

Wrap: Roti Flatbread; Gluten Free

Salad and Soup



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