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Noodles & Co

Noodles and Co: Fast Casual concept, based in Broomfield CO, more than 400 locations. Noodles and Co restaurant’s menu is based on noodles from around the world. Maverick Consultants partnered with Noodles and Co to develop new kitchen and back of the house (BOH) layout. ( )

Noodles and Co Restaurant Noodles & Co Noodles and Co Menu Noodles & Co

Every culture, from Italy to Japan to Southeast Asia has traditional noodle, pasta, spaghetti dishes. Noodles and Co fast casual concept is based on a menu that has noodles from all these parts of the world.

In addition to noodles, the menu offers soups, salads and sandwiches.

The concept is a fast casual format, in which the customer orders from a menu board, pays, and is given a number. If the order is for takeout, then customer waits for order to be cooked. If meal is to be consumed in the restaurant, customer finds a table and displays his number on a stand. When the order is cooked, it is delivered to the table.

Maverick Consultants worked with Noodles and Co operational team, studying the current different layouts, and how they worked, what throughputs were achieved, cooking ticket times measured, labor efficiencies calculated.

Maverick Consultants created a simulation model of the restaurant, which gave the ability to analyze workloads and capacities of the prep, cooking, cold sections under different customer demands through the day.

Menu items were categorized and divided between the different stations to obtain optimum efficiencies, and minimum ticket times.

A new layout was made of the order, expo, cooking, prep stations, with balanced loads, and also the ability to handle large orders and catering that wouldn’t impact ticket times and customer wait times.

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