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Palantir:  High Tech company in Palo Alto CA. Palantir is HQ in a building in downtown Palo Alto that was the original building where Google started. When Google built their campus in Mountain View, they ceded the building to Facebook, who also later moved to their own campus, and Palantir took over the building.

The philosophy of Palantir to its team members, is to give them a working atmosphere, in which the can work without worrying about external situations.

The company has in its offices, childcare, gyms and team members can take their dogs.  For foodservice, the team member have to have access to the food they would like to eat at any time, without having to leave the area.

The cafeteria and dining area, is also a place where the team members can interact and exchange ideas as they have their meals.

Maverick Consultants and Palantir are working together to develop their new foodservice programs in Palo Alto and McLean VA.

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