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Quick Serve

Quick Serve Restaurant Consulting: Maverick Consultants projects in the quick serve restaurant (QSR) segment include working with Yum Restaurants International as the restaurant consultant developing and designing a new KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) for international markets.  The quick serve restaurant design challenges are as follows:

The Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR), also known as fast food, is typically a concept with multiple units, although its origins in the 50’s were single unit restaurants that served food fast, and incorporated drive through ordering. The two pioneers in the fast food segment were McDonald and Taco Bell.

Burger Restaurant Order Counter 300x224 Quick Serve McDonald Kiosks Paris 300x225 Quick Serve

Restaurant consultant projects in quick serve restaurants involve designing and developing new concepts, optimizing existing ones, and in many cases working with existing brands and chains that are losing market position to new chains, and require an outside consultants look at how to revive the brand, be it from a menu or the design of the restaurant.

Maverick Consultants experience in the international market can help US brands move to other countries, with a consultant that has the knowledge and connections in the foodservice segment in those international locations.

There is also a trend for non-US multiunit restaurant chains to come to the US market. Maverick Consultants can work as their US restaurant consultant to adapt their brand to this market, and coordinate the design and development of the brand and restaurants in the US.

The challenges of the QSR restaurant chains are the public perception that fast food is not good for you. Many of the chains are trying to reinvent themselves adding fresher foods and salads.  The traditional chains are seeing a decline or stagnation of sales, and with a few exceptions, average store sales are at U$ 800,000 to $ 1,000,000. This compares to $ 2,400,000 for McDonalds that has been able to buck the trend.

Brand Segment

US Stores

Avge. Sales per #

Serve Model Drive-Thru %
McDonald Burger



Multiple POS 70 plus
Burger King Burger



Multiple POS 70 plus
Taco Bell Mexican



Multiple POS 70 plus
KFC Chicken



Multiple POS 60 plus
Subway Sandwich



Serveline n/a


The QSR service model in most cases is multiple POS where orders are taken, and the cashier fulfills the order, while the back kitchen creates an inventory of food items. The bottleneck is usually the order fulfillment, with an average time per order at each POS of about 2 minutes. For a throughput of 240 per hour, 8 POS are needed.

In France McDonalds and KFC were able to increase sales per unit and throughput by implementing self-order kiosks, which separate order pick up area. This increase throughput as the kitchens food production outpaces the POS order fulfillment rate. Many stores using kiosks saw an increase of over 20% in sales.

Drive thru windows in chains like Taco Bell account for more than 70% of sales, and the challenges are the speed of order fulfillment and the accuracy of the order taking/full filling, which is on average less than 90%. Each inaccurate order stops the line. Typical service time for drive thru is 120 seconds to 160 seconds

The other design challenge for restaurant consultants is adapting the different chains models to international markets, adapting menus, pricing, seating capacity, social habits, as well as meeting the local codes and regulations.

The branding positioning and lifestyle message are extremely important as a driver for sales. McDonalds has positioned themselves as the new social meeting place for breakfast, kids parties, quick business lunches with free WiFi. A meeting place for kids after school. In international markets, this positioning will change city by city, country by country.

Each QSR concept offers unique design challenges for the restaurant consultant, creating new concepts, or reviving  and reinventing existing ones, as well as taking concepts to new international markets, be it US concepts growing to global markets, or non-US concepts expanding to the North American market.

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