Restaurant Design and Development, and Concept Development

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Restaurant Concept Development

There is a misconception that it is difficult to create a successful an profitable restaurant or restaurant concept. It is said, and probably close to the truth that 80% of new restaurants fail by the second year. And on the other side of the equation are those incredibly successful restaurants and concepts, that are very profitable, with great growth potential. What are the differentiating factors?

- Food: The prime objective of a restaurant is to serve food (and drinks), so it stands to reason that the food has to be better than good. The menu and the items offered have to be better than expected, and have to exceed the customers expectation.

- Location: A restaurant is either a destination or a convenience, and the choice of the type of concept and the real estate chosen has to reflect this.

- Concept: The concept has to be one that has appeal to the future customer base. Lunch or dinner, fast or slow, daily, weekly or monthly, male or female or both..

- Pricing: Menu has to be priced to fit the location and customer base.

- Business Model: Projected sales, food cost, labor cost, overhead costs, seasonal variations. Profitability for low, medium and high volumes.

- Ambiance: Decor, service model, food concept have to all work together, to result in a positive customer experience

- Cleanliness; Paramount to a successful restaurant

- Team Spirit: Well trained and responsive team that cares about the customers

- Flexibility: A restaurant has to be able to respond to feedback from customers

- Skill levels: The skills required to successfully execute has to fit the model.

It is suprising how many restaurants do not meet most of the above, or are not even aware of them. If the pouints above are well developed, the restaurant or concept will be successful.

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