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Roti Mediterranean Grill

Roti Mediterranean Grill, based out of Chicago, is one of the fastest growing fast casual restaurant groups in the US. With 8 locations in Chicago, 8 in Washington DC and Maryland, and 2 locations in New York City. ( )

Maverick Consultants teamed up with Roti Mediterranean Grill, with the objective of analyzing cooking processes, kitchen and restaurant layout , and throughputs.

The Roti menu is based on Mediterranean cooking, and the offer chicken and steak kebabs, chicken and steak roti, served on pita bread, bowls, plates or wraps. Sides include hummus, tahini, tomato cucumber, olives, feta cheese and a selection of hot and mild sauces and dressings.

Roti Mediterranean Grill Restaurant Union Station 225x300 Roti Mediterranean Grill Roti Mediterranean Grill Restaurant Bethesda 300x200 Roti Mediterranean Grill

Working side by side with Roti in the restaurants kitchens from prep time through the busiest lunch and dinner times, every menu item was assessed as to how it was made, and how it was served. Product mix between what was made in each store and what was commissary store made in each store.

Throughput and serveline design was studied at length, as many of the Roti stores are in a metropolitan office area, with most of the business happening in the two hour lunch rush. In fast casual serveline design, the distribution of customers thru the day is critical to a good restaurant design.

Problems were identified, kitchen and serveline were redesigned. Kitchen size was reduced, serveline length was decreased. New cooking processes were tried for all menu items. New equipment was specified and tested.

Throughput analysis revealed the bottlenecks in the serving/paying process and the line was adjusted, as well as the menu boards to get the customer served in the minimum time, without stopping the serveline.

Throughput rates were increased to over 250 customers an hour. Serve time from customer ordering to finish paying were decreased to 2 minutes and a half.

POS system and interaction between the customer and the cashier were modified to make the process seamless and such that it would not stop the serveline and flow of customers.

For large orders and catering, separate production and assembly line were incorporated into the restaurant design.

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