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Shadows on the Hudson

Shadows on the Hudson: Full serve restaurant in Poughkeepsie NY, on the Hudson River. Modern American menu, open from Lunch to Dinner. Seats 400 plus and has outdoor seating overlooking the Hudson. Shadows is part of the Bonura Hospitality group.

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The challenge of large casual dining restaurants like Shadows on the Hudson is that the customer volume can vary according to the weather or the day of the week. On a Saturday in Spring or Summer when the weather is warm, they can do 1,200 covers, but if the weather changes it can immediately drop to less than half.

The consequence of this volume change is that the menu items and cooking processes have to adapt to these changes. When it is very busy, by keeping the food flowing and the time it takes to serve the customer under control. When the volume decreases, then the problem is different, as with the prep done for a high volume, how to keep the waste to a minimum.

Maverick Consultants worked with Joe Bonura and the chefs and culinary staff, analyzing the menu, how these items were cooked, what the ticket times were and the quality and consistency on the food delivered to the customers.

After extensive testing and experimenting with new equipment and processes, the kitchen was modified, staff trained and ingredients adapted, with the result that all cooking ticket times were reduced to under 6 minutes.

In most restaurants with the diversity on the menu that Shadows have, one of the biggest problems is getting all the orders for a specific table ready at the same time. A steak can take 20 minutes to prepare, cook and rest, but a portion of fish will only take 4 minutes. When the restaurant is busy, this coordination becomes a nightmare.

A typical organization of this type of kitchen will be a salad/sandwich station, a frying station, a pasta station, a sauté station and a grilling station.  The other challenge is how to make these stations self-sufficient through a service, without the salad having to get items from the grilling, and so on.

Maverick and Shadows created a kitchen where these problems were addressed and corrected.


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