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ShopHouse Asian Kitchen

Shophouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, is a fast casual Thai street food concept that was created by Chipotle Mexican Grill. Shophouse currently has locations in Washington DC and in Los Angeles. Following the Chipotle “Food with Integrity” model, Shophouse prepares all the food and menu items from locally sourced natural ingredients. ( )

shophouse asian kitchen serveline and menu 300x225 ShopHouse Asian Kitchen ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen 300x225 ShopHouse Asian Kitchen shophouse asian kitchen serveline 300x225 ShopHouse Asian Kitchen

Maverick Consultants worked for ten months with the Shophouse team developing the menu items and the methods to cook them. This development work was done in the Maverick Cuisine test kitchen.   

Serve format is similar to Chipotle, with a serveline containing hot and cold holding sections. Customer chooses from a menu board. All starts with a bowl, in which the base ingredient (rice, noodles or salad) are added. Then customer selects the protein from pork, chicken, tofu, then the vegetables and finally the toppings. Last item is the selection from three different kind of curries, ranging from mild to hot. Customer selects beverage and pays.

Simplicity of layout and design was essential to have a smooth flowing serveline, that was capable of handling high volumes at rush times.

The serveline was designed and built to look less industrial, and more to look as if the food is sitting on a table.

Kitchen is open behind the serveline, with a cookline visible to the customer. Cookline has a plancha to grill at a very high temperature. Other cooking equipment are rice cookers, fryer and induction hobs. All the cooking equipment was built into a single unit suite.

The format of ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen, requires a small footprint, allowing restaurants to be built in small square feet locations.

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