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Sweetgreen is the answer to the new era of fast-casual dining. Sweetgreen offers customers delicious, all-natural salads and refreshing frozen yogurts. With local, farm-fresh ingredients, award winning decor and operational simplicity, Sweetgreen creates a chic atmosphere and a unique dining experience. ( )

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Based out of Washington DC, Sweetgreen was started by Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman and Nathaniel Ru, who while studying at Georgetown, and asking each other “Where should we go eat?”, they then changed the question to “Why not create a place that we would want to eat at every day?”. In 2007 Sweetgreen was born.

Sweetgreen is a fast casual Salad restaurant, which lives by their philosophy of healthy food, locally sourced, and environmentally friendly.

Sweetgreen has 10 locations in the Washington DC are, and 2 in the Philadelphia area, and new store opening in 2013 in New York City and Boston.

Maverick Consultants worked with the Sweetgreen Team to optimize the cooking processes, reduce kitchen size, and above all increase throughput.

An assessment was done of all the Sweetgreen stores to determine needs and improvements that could be incorporated into the new stores.

Serveline was re-engineered to optimize throughput.. Menu boards and POS system were evaluated and changed to also optimize throughput.

Cooking methods were assessed, and new equipment was tested and specified to produce tastier food more consistently.

Sweetgreen, like many other fast casual restaurants in metropolitan areas, depends heavily on getting the most customers served in the two hour lunch period. New designs focused on optimizing this factor.

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