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Maverick Consultants are known as the experts in engineered restaurant solutions. Maverick Cuisine has built the top professional kitchens in North America. With over 15 years’ experience in engineering and development, Maverick is the leader in high performance, efficient restaurants and kitchens. We design and build restaurants and kitchens to fit the client and their culinary application.

John M. Knight

Founding partner of Maverick Consultants, John brings design and engineering expertise to the development of cooking processes. Started Maverick Cuisine 15 years ago, with the objective of applying this knowledge and new technologies to the restaurant business.

A thorough culinary knowledge gained by  working with 3-star chefs allows John to “end-to-end” restaurant operations, starting with the menu, developing the business model and how it will be executed, or analyzing existing operations, and re-engineering the concept and process to adapt it to today’s conditions. Worked with many of the fastest growing Fast Casual Chains, including Chipotle, Shophouse, Noodles and Co, Roti, Spicekit, Sweetgreen among others

With extensive international experience, John has been able to take concepts from USA to Europe, using local equipment and resources, and doing the same from other countries and bringing their concept to the USA. Adapting them to the local preferences and market conditions.

Val Ginzburg

Val with a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Moscow Technical University, was instrumental in the opening of the Russian market to US based multi-unit restaurant chains, opening the first Pizza Hut in Russia in 1990.

As the International Sales Director at JL INTERNATIONAL was responsible for international business development and sales of complete equipment and technology solutions in food service and central food production with a focus on emerging markets; key territories – Russia and CIS states

Andy Rafalat

Educated in the UK, Reading University, ,Food Technology. Andy has had extensive international business experience in the development of food retail and food service businesses. He worked for Marks and Spencer when fresh food – retail development, and short shelf life food products were being created for nationwide distribution. Subsequently he worked for PepsiCo Food Services International, developing new food service markets internationally for Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell.

Andy’s business skills have been developed primarily in the field of ‘food technology’, ’consulting’, ‘business start ups’  ‘ business development’ and  running companies where required. Most of these activities, largely in the food service sector, have taken part in Western Europe, Former Soviet Union (FSU), Eastern/Central Europe and the Middle East. His strengths are in understanding local culture, strategy development and implementation, team/people development and general/operational management. He is confident working across a broad geographical and culturally diverse area.

Agustin Balbi

Hand-on Chef with extensive international experience, With a degree in restaurant management, Agustin has worked in some of the best restaurants in the work, including Le Bernardin (New York), L2O (Chicago), Le Meritage (LA), as well as some of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires (Argentina). Fluent in English and Spanish, Agustin is a hand-on Chef, trained in all the new cooking methods. Developed menu for new sandwich chain that now has 50 locations.

Peter Bradley

MBA, BS in Hospitality. Concept analyst (costs and efficiencies). Extensive experience in muti-unit foodservice operations (Burger King, Chipotle Mexican Grill). Founding partner of cafe chain in the UK. General Manager of regional franchiser of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell.

Albert Alejos:

BS in Architecture. Designer and AutoCAD drafter.  Experience in putting together complete drawing packets and equipment material requirements. 3 D Modelling.

Additionally Maverick Consultants Associates work with us on defined projects, covering all fields from real estate, legal, labor, training, purchasing, food safety.

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