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The low probability of success hiring from your competitors

It is happening more and more, that struggling or new mutiunit restaurants, especially in the quick serve and fast casual world are hiring new leadership and management from those that work or have worked in the successful competitors, such as Chipotle, Pret, Panera, Pot Belly (to name a few).

chipotle mexican grill The low probability of success hiring from your competitorspretamanger The low probability of success hiring from your competitorsNoodles and Co Restaurant The low probability of success hiring from your competitorscropped Sweetgreen Washington DC2 300x194 The low probability of success hiring from your competitors

The problem with this strategy is that typically the ones available and willing to change, are not the ones that made the success, but ones that executed the model well, under that specific management structure.

What you get, is somebody that knows how to follow a model well, but is not a creater or an element of change, and what they know is how the Chipotle or wherever they came from execute, which in most cases does not work in another concept, becuase it becomes like a chicken without a head. or moreto the point, like hiring a sergeant from an army with a good general to be your general. Does not usually work.

The times it does work, is when a real a good real estate manager or construction manager or finance guy is hired for those specific roles.

In most cases when a restaurant manager, be it regional or local is hired from another chain for a senior position, they will have no idea of what to do except copy the only thing they know, which is not the right way to go about getting a good management team.

If somebody has done the same thing for 12 years, they will again tr to continue to do the same. it doesn’t work.

This is good for my business, as then one is called in to identify and correct the problem.

The leadership positions you need can be from any retail field that has good structure and organization, and has created independent thinking people. You have to develop your own identity that makes you better and different from the pack.

Also, when you hire from a competitor for a management position, you will also demotivate any good people that are working in that organization and want to get ahead.

More to the case, if you aren’t a multinational, you should be runnng the place yourself.

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